The 5-2-1 Rule

We’re friends, right? Can we have a serious talk for a second? We want you to have an outstanding time when you’re at your con. And we want you to come back next year for more of the same. Follow the 5-2-1 Rule to ensure a maximally excellent experience. This is a time-tested axiom that you should follow at every convention:

Shower Food Sleep
Live it. Love it. The 5, 2, 1 rule.

Five Hours of Sleep

It’s considered rude to sleep in panels, especially ones with a capacity crowd. Worse yet is walking around the con in a sleep deprived haze that keeps you from really enjoying everything. Seriously, a recently published study found that sleeping 5 hours a night was associated with improved immune system function. Con crud is probably not one of the souvenirs you intend to bring home. So get some sleep. Sleep horizontally in a bed, not in a video room. (Note that caffeine is not an appropriate substitute for sleep.)

Two Meals of Real Food Each Day

That energy blast and pocketful of gummi bears will do weird things to your gut, and then it’s game over. Also, Pocky is not a meal. Be sure to grab a real meal somewhere (ask the Information Desk or the hotel for a list of places). You know you’ll feel better! 

One Shower A Day (Non-Negotiable)

No one likes Con Funk. Even if you only take three showers a year, take them all during the convention. Do you really want to be in a confined, crowded event hall or gaming room hall that also contains a fan who smells like a biology experiment gone wrong? We don’t either. Take a freakin’ shower. With soap. Every day. 

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