We’re friends, right? Bear with me, here. I’m not going to tell you not to drink. If you’re 21 or over, partying sometimes means the consumption of deleterious substances. And that’s fine. Just one quick question: How do you set your limits?

“We don’t need no stinkin’ limits!” you exclaim, muttering something about your plans for MTAC. Let me tell you a story. It’s not the story about the people who left the convention and died in a drunk-driving accident. It’s not the story about the cosplayer who was sexually assaulted while drunk. No, my story for you is not even about a convention. It is about a guy I saw at a very expensive concert. I was working security in the pit. Sitting right in front of me, this dude’s seat must have cost over $800. You read that right. Eight hundred dollars. The thing is, that guy was drunk when he showed up, and he passed out during the opening act. He spent all that money and he won’t remember a thing.

UMG wants this MTAC to be one you remember. You’re among friends, and you deserve to have a ton of solidly wonderful memories with them. My UMG compatriots don’t want you to be one of the many folks that we have to pick up (often from puddles of their own filth) and have transported to the hospital. You don’t want that. And we don’t want that.

MTAC 2016

MTAC is our favorite time of the year. In some ways, it’s almost like Christmas! We wait for it all year, like excited grade-school kids, counting down the days and hours, looking forward to the fun and the parties. We want to pack the maximum into every minute we have, making memories and telling stories for the rest of the year, until MTAC comes around again.

Honor yourself. Make this MTAC one you will remember. Set your limits. Honor your limits. Take tons of pictures, and share them with us. Drink responsibly. Have fun with your friends. Enjoy the con! And then go safely home to remember it.