(The reader will understand if we don’t readily illustrate this one.)

Many people know Usagi Medical Group for the great work we do helping people with first aid needs or emergency medical response in more serious circumstances. We also do a lot to address larger public health issues like avoiding con-crud, personal safety, and sexual health. That’s why you can always come by the UsagiMed station and grab a condom (male or female).

You already know that condoms are a great way to help protect against pregnancy, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, for a condom to be effective at all, one must know how to use them properly, and they must be used every time.

Proper storage of condoms is also important to keep them from breaking while in use. Condoms should not undergo long-term storage in a high-temperature area (such as six months in your wallet). Anyone who tells you that size is an issue is lying. You can fit a condom over your entire hand (go ahead, we’ll wait while you try this out for yourself). You can even stretch a standard condom along the entire length of a broom handle.


You have tons of choices in the world of prophylactics. Do you need spermicide? Texture? Extra lubrication? It is generally advised that you DO NOT add anything to a condom before putting it on. Some lubes dissolve condoms. Oh, it is also generally advised that you determine if you have an allergy to your condoms before you actually use them.

Need a condom while you’re at con? Come see us.