Hello to all of you out there in Con-Land! (Does that sound like the world’s most awesome amusement park, or what?) We at Usagi Medical would like to take a moment and talk about getting ready for the New Year.  There are a lot of resolutions about to be made.  Some will be kept. Others… well, we won’t point names, or name fingers…

But if your resolution is to be a part of a con, we would like for you to be safe about doing so.  Here are a few tips for people who want to add more cons to their list, or even go to a con for the first time, in 2019:

Get your shoes early.

Having shoes that are well broken in is a thing your feet and legs will thank you for at con.  Blisters can ruin a con experience, and we have had to help a lot of people, fans and family of fans alike, who would have had a much less painful time if they had just bought their shoes a month or two earlier, and taken the time to break them in before walking 2-3 miles a day at a convention.

Make sure your medications are ready and coming with you.

In all the excitement before a con, it is easy to forget to refill a prescription, or pick up that OTC allergy medication that you take daily.  If you are at a con, especially if you had to cross state lines to get to it, then getting a refill, or finding that brand you like can be tough.  Remove this headache entirely, by making sure 2-3 weeks before the con that you have all pharmaceutical needs covered.

Communication & Safety.

Know who you are going with, and know who you’re staying with. Check in periodically with someone who is not attending the con.  All of this is for your safety.


It is important to know how much you can spend getting to the con, at the con, and with friends away from the con.  It’s not fun, even for math nerds, but it is important.

And finally,


If you have special dietary requirements, make sure you plan accordingly as you are getting ready for the con.  Learn what restaurants in the area have food that you can eat, and which have food you cannot.  If you need to bring food with you, make sure you have a way of keeping it fresh and safe to eat until 2-3 days after the convention.

We hope to see you at many cons, please come by and give us a wave as you enjoy the fandom.

In the meantime, we hope you and yours are looking forward to a 2019. Happy Holidays! See you soon!