Our hearts are heavy today at the news that Operation Hammond’s founder and chairman James Fedora Mandeville has passed away.

Usagimed and Operation Hammond share a common goal and have supported each other in pursuit of that goal. Before Usagimed became a separate LLC, many happy hours were spent conversing with Fedora about differing approaches to Convention Medicine, administrative minutiae, fandom, weird sodas, and cats.

Fedora created the Hill Valley First Aid Society for Fandom in 2015 to foster open dialogue and debate between other volunteer Convention Medicine providers, for the betterment of all. An untold number of people have benefitted indirectly from his guidance.

Fedora’s passion for putting patients first lead to his founding of OH, and it was evident in every interaction with him. We will continue to honor the ideals he demonstrated, always with a dash of levity. We mourn the loss of Fedora as the dynamic person that he was, as we honor the legacy of his innovative influence on Convention Medicine. He was truly a blessing, bettering the lives of the thousands of people to whom he rendered aid.