“Do I go to work to make money, but endanger myself into getting the virus? Or do I quit my job to stay safe, but lose the ability to support my family?”

Sound familiar?

Financial Stress

Usagi Medical Group recognizes that mitigating financial stress remains a huge part of coping with conditions of pandemic.

COVID-19 has left millions of working Americans with this frustrating internal dialogue. You might be thinking “well, there’s no way there’s remote positions for my career or field.” However, whether you’re a chief estimator for construction, a psychologist, a software engineer, or an animator, you can probably find high-paying work that’s fully remote.

Remote work varies from small, part-time, online work all the way to full time jobs that pay past six figures (depending on your degree). Here, we’ll list great ways to find remote work that’ll help you achieve the best of both worlds!

Freelance Work:

There are many online sites that are searching for individuals who are looking for some extra money. Here’s a few examples of great ways to start working in the digital age!

Article Submissions:


Digital magazines like Anime News Network, Crunchyroll, and Chasing Anime accept pitches and articles from fans like you! While becoming a full-time writer for most of these magazines isn’t an easy task, these magazines will pay good money for written articles, or sometimes even just for ideas! Some sites will pay even more money for articles on more general topics, such as The Atlantic paying $200 for articles related to Health, and Upworthy offering $150-200 for 500 word articles. While these sites won’t always accept article pitches, it’s a great way to earn some extra side cash while writing about something you love!

Chegg Tutors:


Chegg Tutors matches students with online tutors to fit their needs. Students can either schedule a tutoring session or get on-demand assistance, and pay begins at $20 an hour. Chegg Tutors requires that you either be currently enrolled at a college or university, or that you be a college graduate with proof of diploma.

There are a variety of different topics you can choose to teach: from foreign languages, to SAT prep, to Algebra II, and you only get to tutor in the topics of which you’re knowledgeable.


This company specializes in connecting students with skilled writers who work together to help produce high quality papers. As a writer, your wage is whichever price you set, but the typical range of pay is $5 – $15 per typed page. Anyone can be a writer for EssayShark, so long as they are 18 or older, have a government ID, and can pass an English & Grammar test.

Full Time Work:

remote working

Now, when it comes to fully switching to remote work, sometimes work like online tutoring or article pitching won’t always cut it. You may want the kind of reliable income derived from a full time job. However, even before COVID-19, businesses were beginning to switch to a remote/work from home model, where employees work either from the comfort of their own bedroom, or even at a Starbucks or a Barnes & Noble. The best part is, these jobs pay just as well as in-person work, and sometimes even better! Here’s some tips on finding job listings for full time work – the online way!


Arguably the best platform for finding job listings is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social platform that allows professionals to create profiles featuring their work experience, education, volunteer service, awards, publications, and more examples of your dedication and knowledge of your career field. With this profile, you can “connect” with others in your field or others at your company, which creates business relationships and helps get your name and experience out there. However, LinkedIn’s prowess doesn’t just stop at networking, it comes with an entire feature where employers can post job listings, and applicants can use their LinkedIn profiles, along with portfolios, resumes, cover letters, and other important information, to apply for remote work on the site. There are currently over 92,000 remote job listings in the U.S. on LinkedIn covering all job fields, meaning there’s likely to be multiple openings looking for the experience you bring to the table!

Glassdoor and Indeed:

Work From Home: Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed

Glassdoor and Indeed are incredibly similar and incredibly useful. Both sites show you hundreds of thousands of remote job listings, and can even tell you the average salary for that position at different companies, giving you a great scope of how much money you can expect to make in the position you’re seeking. Similar to LinkedIn, these sites feature listings that cover all types of jobs, careers, and fields, so finding the perfect online job between these three sites is an easy feat!


COVID-19 has left us in a new state. Our social lives are changing, our lifestyles are different, and our daily work environment is unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. However, through the growing world of remote work, you’ll be able to stay safe and distanced from coworkers and customers, while simultaneously providing for yourself and your family.

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