We’re all adults here, right?  If you’re not an adult, skip to the last blog post.  But for the rest of us, we need to have a frank talk about how COVID-19 may impact your sex life.  

Protected Sex Is A Necessity

COVID-19 has changed the way we maneuver our public lives, from mask mandates to social distancing. However, it’s crucial to stay safe in our private lives as well, especially when it comes to sexual encounters. Now more than ever, protected sex is a necessity. Whether hooking up or dating, it’s important to be conscious of our decisions when engaging in sexual activity, and remember how we can keep ourselves safer in these trying times.

Avoid Kissing

When it comes to physical contact, avoid kissing anyone who isn’t in your close circle of contacts in order to ensure you’re only mouth to mouth with people you know to be safe. Saliva can carry COVID-19, and kissing can quickly pass it into your system. Wear a mask during sexual interactions with those beyond your close contacts. Additionally, more intimate acts, such as Anilingus (mouth to anus) and Fellatio (mouth to penis) are also risky, since COVID-19 can be passed through fecal matter and it is found in semen. Make sure, if engaging in oral sex, to only do so with those in your close contacts or someone you know is negative for COVID-19.

Is COVID-19 Sexually Transmitted?

Condoms Remain Essential

It is currently  not confirmed if COVID-19 can be passed through vaginal or anal sex. Similar viruses do not, implying sex is not a primary point of transfer for COVID-19. Still, we know the virus is there.  It remains critically important to use a condom, regardless of the concerns of COVID-19, to help prevent the transfer of STDs. Also, there is no safer sex partner than ourself. Masturbation cannot spread COVID-19.  Aside from sexual activity with someone we’re isolating with, having sex with others will always carry some risk for COVID-19.

While getting your freak on, avoid having sex or performing sexual acts in public places, even if no one else is in the vicinity. Public spaces are, well, public.  Other people frequent these places, even if they’re not there now.  The point is: COVID-19 can linger on surfaces for days. Engaging in sexual activity in public increases the likelihood of you coming in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

COVID-19 May Impact Your Sex Life

Sex is a healthy part of normal life during normal conditions. During these days of pandemic, people will, and should, continue to find ways to safely improve their attitude and emotional state. Use risk reduction strategies to contend with COVID-19 and make things safer for ourselves, our partners, and our community. 

As always, we welcome you to check in with Usagi Medical Group and tell us what’s going on with you.  We look forward to working with you and your favorite con as things will eventually come back to full operational status.