Planning And Preparing

All of us are looking at the convention-planning horizon with undisguised optimism. We are all champing at the bit to throw a big party and get back to our cons. But we must continue to exercise caution. None of us want the public humiliation of fostering another outbreak that puts our friends and fans at risk. 

The recommendations and mandates that have been in place for the last twelve months are slowly changing as we get more and more data about rates of infection, hospitalization, and the availability of a vaccine. As the data continues to get updated, Usagi Medical will help your con AT NO COST on an advisory basis. We’ll help you answer some critical questions:

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Critical Questions

Here’s a handful of questions your leadership team might consider during the planning and preparing process for your 2021 conventions:

  1. What can we do to keep the con safe?
  2. How many guests can safely attend my convention?
  3. How do we indemnify the con and the event facility?
  4. Should we have a mask requirement?
  5. Should we have a COVID-19 vaccine requirement?
  6. What do we do if an attendee develops COVID-19 symptoms during our event?
  7. What kind of public health messaging should we be sharing with staff and attendees?
  8. What kind of cleaning regimen should be in place?
  9. If necessary, how can we make an informed decision on whether to postpone or cancel?
  10. How can we maintain six-feet between attendees during events? (And how long will that continue to be necessary?)

Planning and Preparing

Punch Covid-19 In The Face

UsagiMed will help your leadership teams access the latest data and recommendations for your region and make sure you have the best information available as you make your event plans. Again, UsagiMed is available to do this at NO COST for your con. Together, we can make the best decisions that we can make, and keep our guests and attendees safe and healthy. 

Learn more about Usagi Medical Group’s services here.

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We’re all about improving safety and reducing your con’s liability. Call on us so we can be your public health partners. As you plan and prepare, we will answer any questions you may have about COVID, the vaccine, and pandemics in general. Feel free to drop us a question and we will answer you.