Bring Your Meds

It’s the down time right now. It seems we’re all cautiously beginning to gear up for a return to convention season later this year. UsagiMed remains poised to help conventions make the decisions to keep themselves and their stakeholders safe as we all weigh questions relating to “when” and “how” to conduct our next cons safely.

While The Planning Continues…

We’re always looking for hardworking, medically trained volunteers to help us carry out our mission of bringing first aid to conventions across the southeast. When you work with UsagiMed, you’ll get great clinical experience with unusual patient populations. Volunteering with UsagiMed looks great on a résumé, and is tons of fun!

This handy flyer is suitable for sharing.

Sweet Perks

Volunteer With UsagiMed

We are all volunteers–all of us. As volunteers, we do get some pretty sweet perks:

  • Free attendance to more and different conventions!
  • In addition to a convention badge, some conventions will also feed us.
  • UMG crew can generally crash FOR FREE in one of the UMG leadership hotel rooms at the hotel, provided to us by the convention. (As long as space is available.) So bring a bedroll and join us!

Work With UsagiMed

Please click this link and fill out the form if you’re interested in volunteering with UsagiMed.

Work With UsagiMed
UMG first responders fill a necessary gap for conventions and event planners.