Returning To School

To Mask, Or Not To Mask? As of June 13th, over 300 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the U.S., with 43.6% of Americans being fully vaccinated. However, alongside these growing numbers, the CDC has been changing their mask and distancing guidelines, currently advising that vaccinated Americans are not required to wear masks and can resume participating in activities they did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, many schools are returning to fully in-person instruction, eliminating remote and distanced class settings, and many states have lifted their mask mandates as well.

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

While many people are abiding by the CDC guidelines and no longer wearing their masks in public, there are many vaccinated individuals who plan on continuing to wear masks and socially distance similarly to how they did before receiving their vaccine. Whatever your choice regarding ongoing use of masks, or even if you don’t plan on getting vaccinated at all, these new guidelines and relaxed expectations will impact all Americans.

It’s important to see where you fall in these categories. According to the CDC, people are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their final dose (second dose for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, single dose for Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine). This means that even if you’ve received all the doses you need to help protect yourself against COVID-19, you’re not at full protection until 14 days after the final dose. This rule applies to all individuals, regardless of age. If it has been two weeks since your final dose, you’re allowed to resume regular activities without socially distancing yourself (except for where it’s required by laws, rules, or regulations, such as a workplace or business).

As mentioned before, you can continue to wear a mask and distance yourself if you prefer to do so, since it is still possible to get the COVID-19 virus even with the vaccine.

Get Vaccinated!

If you’re not planning on getting the vaccine or cannot access one, it is imperative to maintain the social distancing and safety precautions you’ve been practicing throughout the pandemic, as outlined by the CDC. Wear your mask in public when around others and/or indoors, and avoid public settings where six feet social distancing isn’t achievable. 

Prepare To Get Vaccinated

Remember that the COVID-19 vaccine has been approved and encouraged by organizations such as the WHO and the CDC, and has been proven to significantly decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While everyone has the right to make their own choices as to getting vaccinated or not, it is crucial to value the safety of others by getting vaccinated ourselves and following other precautions. Doing otherwise would be counter-productive to our shared goal of keeping others, and ourselves, safe in this pandemic.

Check With Your Con

Even as you read this, your con is hard at work examining the data and making decisions about how to plan their next events safely for everyone concerned. Check with your con about their policies and requirements.

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