It is official: We’ll see you at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2022! AWA is where UsagiMed was born. Dr. Laura Block was THE first aid department back then–serving a very small convention with one first-aid kit. Dr. Laura says: “Working Anime Weekend Atlanta every year is just like coming home. It’s where we got our start 26 years ago. It’s been so incredible to see the growth and change over decades.”

My How We’ve Grown

UsagiMed. Only The Best.

UsagiMed has grown, too. UsagiMed now serves multiple cons across the southeast with dozens of credentialed volunteers who make it all possible. Do you have CPR certification and First Aid training? Come talk to us. Our expanded family of professionals includes Paramedics, Nurses, EMTs, Physicians, Pharmacists, Counselors, and Firemen. We’re always looking for folks to help out. If you or someone you know is a credentialed professional who might have fun with us at the geeky conventions we serve, we’d like to hear from them.

Volunteering with UsagiMed is a fantastic way to meet new people, learn new skills, and help out at pop-culture events and conventions. We offer free training to all our members, free admittance to fantastic shows and conventions, and (usually) room & board to our volunteers when we’re on site.

Nerds Welcome! We’re always looking for hardworking, medically trained volunteers to help us carry out our mission of bringing first aid to conventions across the southeast


Anime Weekend Atlanta is (so far) the biggest show UsagiMed serves. We’re able to improve the con-goer experience, become an integral part of operations, and keep people safe–all while indemnifying both the convention and the event facility. Contact us today to see what we can do for your favorite convention. We’d love to be a part of your family.

If you’re at AWA, please do stop by and say HI to us. We’ve got bunny stickers and electrolytes, because that’s what people seem to crave.