Usagimed is highly motivated to bring excellent First Aid service to your convention, your convention’s venue, your crew, and your con-goers! We’re driven to help people and we want to have a positive impact on the health and enjoyment of the fandom communities we serve. We are fans helping fans, and we can help better than other for-hire medical services because of our shared experiences —as fans!

UsagiMed Staff

We carry professional liability insurance for the First Aid care we provide, indemnifying both your convention and your convention’s venue. Our experienced Providers operate our Walk-in Clinic where your con-goers can visit for excellent First Aid care for minor illness/injury. Usagimed supplies and stocks our self-service Pharmacy with common OTC (over-the-counter) medications and First Aid inventory that your con-goers can use as needed. We also deliver fast, reliable First Aid care directly to the scene of any request for aid in your venue.

You can download a list of the services we provide here.

We have a proven record of improving con-goer satisfaction and retention for over 20 years. We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help your convention grow! Reach out directly via email to, or send us a note using the form below.