When is Usagi Medical Group Open?

UMG has a clinic for all AWA attendees and crew during the following hours during AWA’s 2018 convention:

September 20: Noon to 8pm
September 21: 10am to 8pm
September 22: 10am to 8pm
September 23: 10am to 3pm

convention medicine
Tools of the UMG trade

During this time, convention attendees can drop-in for basic first-aid, blood pressure, and over-the-counter medications. Everyone who wants to take something from the “pharmacy” must fill out a form, so that we can monitor workload, improve staffing and supplies, and limit our liability.

After these hours, people with minor medical needs may visit a local 24 hour pharmacy or call 911. The pharmacy closest to the convention center is Walgreens located at 2670 Cobb Parkway, SE, Smyrna, GA 30080.

After these posted hours, UMG “shuts the front door” and responds to emergencies only by sending a mobile team with a response bag for those who are too injured/ill to move.

How Do You Find UsagiMed?

Affectionately known as “The Hutch,” we are located in the Library over in the Waverly.  You can find us under the First Aid sign, across from the Registration windows.

How We Handle An Emergency

In the event of an emergency, if UMG requires additional manpower, we are allowed to deputize ANY other AWA crew to assist with what we are doing. Once a crew-member has been deputized, they must be released by UMG before they can return to their other duties. Non-UMG crew may be asked to assist with crowd control, contacting emergency services, retrieving an AED or response bag, notifying the hotel that assistance is needed, and similar non-medical duties. Life-safety comes first, always.

Come See Us!

AWA is the place where UsagiMed was born. It’s like “going home” for the UsagiMed crew. If you’re at the con, please stop by, pick up a sticker, and say Hello!