We provide first aid so people stay at your con and spend money.

What UsagiMed Does

We serve you and your guests, adding that extra layer of hospitality to keep your people on site and engaged. Additionally, we carry our own insurance, indemnifying both the convention and the convention facility. This decreases your overall liability.

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Walk-In Clinic

Walk In Clinic

UsagiMed provides non-emergent services via our walk-in, self-serve clinic. This level of care is an excellent way for any convention to show they care about their guests and attendees. UsagiMed supplies and stocks all the over-the-counter medications and supplies necessary for the event, allowing people with minor aches, pains, and blisters to address their own problems without having to go offsite to a pharmacy or pay exorbitant prices in the local gift shop.

Emergency Medical Response

What We Do

UsagiMed is staffed by EMTs or higher, responding to radio calls and attending to more acute patients anywhere in the convention space. Our knowledge and experience as advanced providers allows us to know when to call for help early, and how best to support a patient until EMS arrives. We like to introduce ourselves to local EMS and facility management before the show, so that we can work together most efficiently, providing the best possible and most timely care.

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Public Health Strategy & Policy

Public Health Strategy & Policy

We gather information from national, state, county and other local sources about current health conditions in the convention area, and the areas that their attendees come from. We help conventions translate that data into policies that help protect the convention staff, attendees, guests and the public at large. No one wants to be labelled a super-spreader event.

We also provide public health awareness about important issues like alcohol consumption, safe-sex, smoking cessation, flu vaccination, and hand-washing.

Master The Disaster

No one wants to think about the bad things that could happen during one’s con. But disaster planning is the prudent thing to do. Would your team know how to help your guests with a natural disaster? An active shooter?

UsagiMed personnel have a strong professional background in disaster preparedness. We will work hand in glove with your staff to develop your disaster plan, and to get everyone trained and ready.

Train The Trainers

Train The Trainer

Would your staff uniformly know what to do when [insert problem here] happens? UsagiMed can quickly and easily help your crew improve their operations with fun and informative training in your convention’s policies, radio use, CPR, and disaster readiness, among other topics. We’ll get everyone on the same page.

Getting your staff energized and professionally ready to serve your attendees is a great way to set your con culture apart from everyone else’s. 

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